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Today, art history is facing a crisis in publication.  Due to the rising costs of publication and copyrights, art journals are fewer in number and are fading from the scene. The publications that remain are narrow in scope and cannot accommodate the postmodern discourse.  Existing publications are still showcasing the familiar veterans. Significant books by gifted scholars are not getting published.  Young scholars have fewer publishing outlets than their professors did in the past, making it difficult to build a profession at a time when opportunities for careers are shrinking.

How can art history remain a viable and up-to-date discipline?

How can we create new possibilities for new scholars?

How can new voices be heard?

Shockwrite offers a contrast to the status quo in publishing.  In order to help solve the crisis for the discipline, this hybrid journal for the arts is offering an open dialogue for scholarship in an open forum, 21st century style. The profession of art history needs to be revived.  Young art historians need an outlet for their work.  Senior art historians deserve the respect of having their scholarship showcased.

This is a hybrid journal for the 21st century.

SHOCKWRITE–new–innovative–cutting edge–rebellious–anti-establishment–the future

The postmodern “hybrid journal” is based on the new hybrid e-book, which has hyperlinks to other material on the web.  Authors can provide a link to an image in a museum to other sites for maps, to YouTube, iTunes, and other videos.  In contrast to traditional modernist publications, the essay is on longer a closed and bounded “work.” Each article can be open “text,” conversing with other resources, creating, instead of a enclosing a monologue, a dialogue among colleagues.

SHOCKWRITE is open and inclusive and accessible.

Everyone can read your work for free, no passwords, no memberships—ending the 20th century exclusionary sites. There is no limit to your readers.  No longer confined to a library, your work can be read around the world, on line.  There is nothing to check out, just check in instead.  With no shelves, there is no space limit and no time limit.  Your work will remain on the web, available for the duration of your career. Your peers can comment on your work, and you will receive valuable feedback to which you may respond.

Submit your work to be reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief and the Board of Editors.  If accepted, your essay will be posted on SHOCKWRITE.  Your new publication will be announced to art historians and other art-interested readers. The journal welcomes a variety of writings and diversity of voices.

You can submit a hybrid article or a conventional article.  

You may create your own category.  

You are being asked to write.

Just submit.  You deserve to be read.


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